Corns Suck!

Corns Suck!

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Triple Value Pack Corns Suck!

Triple Value Pack Corns Suck!

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How does it work?

The Corns Suck! works by pulling the corn gently out of the skin for 10 minutes a  day for 28 days without using harsh chemicals or surgery. The skin takes 28 days to grown new skin underneath until the corn falls-off like a pancake. 

What is a corn?

A corn is a small area of skin that has a very thick and hard skin patch like a stone. It is found under or over a boney area like a toe or metatarsal head (the foot equivalent of the knuckle on your hand). It can become as hard as toenail and become painful. The Corns suck pulls the corn out gently over a month and also uses pulling oil that is Rosehip and strawberry see oil which is naturally anti-inflammatory. 

Can the corn return?

Yes. The corn developed from pressure from the shoe if it is on a toe, or a collapsed forefoot if under the ball of the foot. You should change your shoes to be wider, or use Bunny Pads to stick onto the skin if you cannot change the shoes ( such as cabin crew uniform shoes). Or use a Footerella insole for 6-12 weeks to lift the ball of your foot up to prevent the corns coming back under the ball of the foot. 

Can anyone use it?

Yes. It is safe for children, pregnant women, elderly. As long as it is not used on broken skin, bleeding skin, poor circulation, neurological conditions. Do not use in combination with other topical medications. Do not exceed the 10 minute placement time. 

Is it painful?

It is completely painless. The oil is naturally anti-inflammatory which helps soothe the area which can be painful to begin with. The gently suction of the Corns Suck will not hurt the tissue. It helps to draw circulation to the area which promotes healthy skin instead of the dead skin of the corn. repeat every day for 10 minutes for 28 days.